Window Glazing Upgrade

picture29The Lima and Hornby class 73 model is now well over twenty years old and starting to really show its age against the latest ready to run products. I wanted to add more detail to my Lima model of 73 212 ‘Airtour Suisse’ in Gatwick Express livery, so I purchased an Extreme Etchings Laserglaze kit for £8.00 to improve the window detail on the model.


The first task was to separate the old plastic glazing from the locomotive body. The old plastic glazing had become brittle over time so care was taken not to break the windows as the head code boxes will be recycled.


The next task was to carefully fix the new Laserglaze windows into the spaces with a tiny drop of Canopy Glue or Glue and Glaze by Deluxe Materials as these glues dry clear and don’t frost the windows or the plastic body either.


Next the head code boxes from the old Lima glazing were carefully cut away and fixed behind the new glazing with another drop of Canopy Glue or Glue and Glaze by Deluxe Materials and left to dry overnight.


The rest of the old Lima glazing was discarded. One thing to be aware of, is that certain class 73 locomotives had a different number of windows compared to the rest of the fleet. The Extreme Etchings Laserglaze kit includes enough window glazing for either the ‘JA 73/0’ or the ‘JB 73/1’ versions of the locomotive. As this project was for the JB class 73/2 version, one window was therefore unused from the kit.


As you can see from the picture, the new glazing gives a great silver frame appearance on the body of the Gatwick Express livery. If the glazing is being installed on a locomotive body with a yellow warning panel or similar, it is a good idea to colour the glazing edges with a black felt tip pen to give a rubber seal appearance before fixing the windows in position.


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