York Roll Cage

A great little item to add to a railway scene is the York Roll Cage. These containers could be found nationwide at key locations across the railway network. I purchased a kit from Ten Commandments for £3.50 and found it very easy to build.

Firstly, I removed the brass kit from its mounting and positioned it flat on the cutting mat.

picture22Using the picture provided on the packet I used a metal ruler to fold the left side through ninety degrees.


Then I repeated this procedure for the right side


Then I placed a couple of drops of super glue onto the white metal trolley base then positioned the brass cage on top.


Next, I allowed twenty four hours for the glue to dry before applying a coat of primer to the trolley.


After letting the coat of primer dry, I spray painted the trolley in Humbrol silver, then hand painted the trolley base yellow and the wheel treads grey.

picture35 picture36


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