Airport Terminal Transit Building

An airport diorama based on the real location in West Sussex wouldn’t look right without an terminal transit building in the background.

Starting with square shaped embossed styrene sheet, a half relief building was constructed with space at the front to install glazing and space at one side for the terminal transit tracks to be connected. The building was then given a coat of black primer and allowed to dry for a full day.


After the primer had dried, the building was then carefully given a lot of coats of blue mica spray paint from the Tamiya range, allowing plenty of time between coats of paint for the previous layer to dry.


Trick glazing was then added to the building by fixing transparent and black styrene sheet into the window spaces on the building, to which white strips of styrene sheet were added on top, to represent the window frames. This was a very delicate part of the project as any glue and fingers on the transparent styrene sheet would have caused frosting and ruined the model.


To finish the model off, corrugated styrene sheet was added to the top of the model to represent the roof detail, this was given a coat of primer, allowed to dry for a full day, then given a coat of metallic spray colour for he roof effect.



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