Brooklands Miniature Railway Carriages

A popular recreational park on the Sussex coast is Brooklands, between Worthing and Lancing. Amongst a number of attractions at Brooklands, is a miniature railway that circles the parks lake. The railway is 10.25″ gauge and about 1000 yards long. During the 1990s the railway featured a miniature Western Comet locomotive and carriages, all carrying a red livery, it is this time period that is going to be reproduced in this project.

Firstly, a couple of cheap second hand N gauge American outline wagons were purchased, purely for the chassis only.


The wagon (gondola) bodies were then separated from the chassis and discarded, the bogies were also separated from the chassis but set to one side.


New miniature railway carriage bodies were constructed using styrene sheet and glued to the wagon chassis.


The wagons (carriages) were given a coat of grey primer and allowed to dry out for a day.picture43

The carriage floors were then masked off using tape and the whole carriage was then given a coat of Tamiya red spray paint, allowing to dry for a day.


After the red paint had dried, the masking tape was removed and the floor was given a coat of grey and the bench seats hand painted in brown, both paints from the Tamiya range.


The carriages were next given another day for the paint to dry fully, the next stage of the project was to start work on the locomotive, Western Comet.


A detailed study of the Brooklands Miniature railway has been published by author Graham Lelliott and the book can be purchased via Amazon


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