Windscreen Wiper Upgrade

For upgrading windows on the Hornby Lima class 73, the existing glazing features windscreen wipers moulded onto the transparent plastic, which get discarded when replaced by the fantastic Laserglaze components. As a result, new windscreen wipers need to be fitted onto the windows, I chose to use the double arm windscreen wipers by Extreme Etchings.

The first task was to coat the wipers in grey primer, I allowed a full day for the primer to dry before adding a coat of Matt black to the wipers, all this was done whilst the wipers were still fitted to the sprue.


The next part of the project involved drilling into the locomotive body, something you really have to get right first time, this is a good opportunity to study photographs of the real thing to make sure everything is positioned correctly, some locomotive windscreen wipers are patterned |/ \| some are patterned \| |/ or |/ |/ or \| \| some are mounted above the windows and some are mounted below!


A 0.35mm hole was drilled between the window and the rain strip, this gave the wipers a solid push fit installation. I think this upgrade brings this twenty year old model up to today’s standards.



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