Luggage Trolleys

A vital piece of equipment for the quick hassle free movement of passengers around a airport terminal is the luggage trolley, so this diorama will need to display a couple. After purchasing a packet of luggage trolleys from Ten Commandments, I set about building the kit.

Firstly, this kit contains lots of small components, so care had to be taken removing them from the etch brass kit without damaging parts.


The rest of the etch brass kit was discarded and the pieces laid out separately.


It is sometimes difficult to know where to start with a small and complex kit like this, I opted to start with the ‘basket’ part of the luggage trolley, folding the net using a ruler and pliers until a box basket shape was formed.


This picture shows the net for the basket folded up and ready to be secured onto the rest of the trolley with some super glue.


Next, a start was made on the main frame of the trolley, making two obtuse angle folds to begin bringing the shape of a luggage trolley together.


The third stage was the most fiddly part, folding the wheel components together and gluing them in place.


Finally, the wheels and the luggage trolley basket were bought together with the main trolley chassis frame and fixed into place.


Because the luggage trolleys are made from brass kit, to allow paint to hold onto the material, the trollies were given a coat of primer first, once the primer had dried then a coat of metallic silver was sprayed onto the luggage trolleys.


After the base coat of metallic silver had dried, the trolley handle detail was highlighted out with white and grey paint, along with the wheel casters being highlighted in dark grey shades. The luggage trolley kit was easy to build, its just fiddly due to the nature of the finely crafted kit components, these are now ready to be added to the diorama. picture78


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