Platform Benches

Any major airport railway platform will need benches for passengers, this diorama is no different. The model is set in West Sussex in the 1990s, so some bright red Network SouthEast benches will help place the scene. Thankfully, Ten Commandments produce modern platform benches and a pack was purchased in kit form for £2.50.

The first task was the bend the benches into shape.


The next stage was to bend 0.030″ brass rod into the same shape contours as the benches, this brass rod forms the legs.


The legs were then fixed onto the bench with super glue. As the kit is brass, paint will not hold well on the surface alone, so the benches were given a coat of primer first.


Once the primer had dried and set, the benches were given a coat of Tamiya red spray paint.


I’m happy to be corrected, but to have red Network SouthEast benches on the Gatport Airwick diorama may actually be incorrect. Research through my own limited photo collection of the real location during that time period, shows the majority of the platform furniture to be grey, suggesting the airport station was never under the control of Network SouthEast, but probably more likely Intercity Anglia and Gatwick sector or the airport owner at the time.


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