Platform Lifts

Lift access between an airport terminal and platform level is very important, especially as many passengers passing through will have lots of luggage with them to carry, making use of stairs and escalators rather difficult, the Gatport Airwick diorama will feature lifts between airport terminal and railway platforms.

I have chosen to scratch build the lift building using brick embossed styrene sheet, but first a square building shape was formed using plain styrene sheet to give the structure some added strength, with a hole made for the lift doors.


Some brick embossed styrene sheet was fixed on top of the structure with two spaces for the lifts, one open and one closed.


The model was then given a coat of grey primer. After the primer had dried and set, the model was then given a coat of metallic silver over the lift door area.


The lift door was then masked off using strips of Tamiya masking tape.


Once the masking tape was in place, the whole model was given a spray coat of Tamiya dark yellow, then allowed to dry and set.


The brick effect was the next part to add, this was achieved by dipping a cotton bud stick into Tamiya dark brown paint, letting the cotton bud absorb the paint slightly, then lightly pushing the bud across the top of the brick embossed styrene sheet. This process has some very similarities with airbrushing/spraying, in that this process requires a lot of patience and its better to put coats of paint very lightly and build them up.


After the Tamiya brown paint had dried and set, I then removed the Tamiya masking tape from the lift door to reveal the metallic coat which was applied first.


Work then started on building the lift interior. Many lift interiors now feature mirror panelling, possibly to reduce the effect of claustrophobia I guess? Four pieces of mirror effect reflective card was cut out and fixed in place around a styrene sheet base, painted a murky floor dark yellow colour.


A couple of extra details may be added in the future such as lift buttons and floor displays. The structure is missing a roof because it will be covered by the platform canopy.


This photo shows the lift interior, just need some passengers with luggage trolleys to finish the scene.



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