158 745

Unit 158 745 is a Bachmann two carriage class 158 model in the short lived livery of Alphaline Wales & West. The original catalogue number for this item was 31-506. The unit appears to carry a vinyl applied name ‘Pont Britannia’.

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ZBA DB972005

ZBA DB972005, better known as a ‘Rudd’ is a type of four wheel railway wagon used to transport ballast and spoil for engineering purposes. This model, in the engineering department yellow and grey livery, is manufactured by Hornby with catalogue number R.6620.


These wagons are used on the Inglenook South shunting puzzle, along with the very similar ‘Clam’ wagons.

DR98960 and DR98910

This train, DR98960 and DR98910 is a model of a Windhoff Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) in Railtrack blue and green livery. The manufacturer is Bachmann and the catalogue number was 31-577.


The model features Sandite, Water Jetting and Control modules for the various railhead treatment required.


In south east England, the real MPV trains can be based at Horsham and Tonbridge depots.


The model features very fine handrails along the sides of the modules.


This dynamic monochrome photograph highlights the roof detail on the driving cabs of the model.

419 004

Train 419 004 is a single carriage electric multiple unit, in unbranded Network SouthEast livery. The manufacturer is Bachmann and the catalogue number is 31-268. The real train was designed to carry mail, parcels and luggage. A great article about the real trains can be viewed at http://www.semgonline.com/ and also at http://www.kentrail.org.uk/


This picture shows 419 004 berthed in one of the sidings used in the shunting puzzle. Note the detail including the air horns on the roof and the hand rails.


The real 419 004 appears to have been preserved after it was retired from use and various sources suggest it resides at the Mid Norfolk Railway

205 012

Train 205 012 is a two carriage, class 205 diesel multiple unit, featuring an unbranded Connex yellow and white livery. The train is manufactured by Bachmann with catalogue number 31-237Z. The real trains are no longer used and long since retired. A great article about the train type can be found at http://www.semgonline.com/ and a fantastic feature about final workings and retirement from service can be viewed at http://www.southernelectric.org.uk/features/


Train 205 012 stabled in one of the sidings used for the shunting puzzle. The tension lock couplings can be removed using the NEM socket.


This dynamic monochrome photo highlights the Connex yellow livery ‘vinyl fade’ effect better than the colour photographs.


This model features intricate detail such as the fuel tank gauge below the sole bar.

171 721

Train 171 721 is a two carriage class 171 diesel multiple unit, in Southern livery, manufactured by Bachmann. The catalogue number is 32-460Z. The real trains (as of October 2015) are still being used by the operator Southern, a very good article about the train type can be found at http://www.semgonline.com/ and another article about the trains introduction can be viewed at http://www.southernelectric.org.uk/news/


This photo is looking over the roof of the depot cabin, the train is berthed in one of the sidings used for the shunting puzzle.


In this picture, you can see that the class 15x and 17x trains just about fit in the platform.

170 301

Train 170 301 is a two carriage class 170 diesel multiple unit in South West trains red, orange, white and blue livery. This model was manufactured by Bachmann, the catalogue number is 32-452. These trains are already a part of history as the real class 170 diesel multiple units are no longer used by the operator South West Trains, more details of the real thing can be found at http://www.semgonline.com/ and an article about the end of the trains use can be found at http://www.southernelectric.org.uk/news/


A class 170 diesel train in South West Trains livery alongside the platform.


The multi coloured livery shows up well in dynamic monochrome photographs, note the display screens attached to the platform lights.


A close up view of 170 301 underneath the footbridge.


Another close up view, taken from the depot area, looking across to the signal box.

09 019

Locomotive 09 019 is a class 08 diesel shunter in Mainline blue livery. The manufacturer is Hornby and the catalogue number is R.2801. The real class 09 locomotives were used throughout the south of England and a great feature on the real thing can be viewed at http://www.semgonline.com/

This is the locomotive which is used to move wagons about on the shunting puzzle between the head shunt and the wagon sidings at the front of the layout.


This model is highly detailed with individual hand rails and pipes.


This photograph shows the model fitted with high level multiple working cables and connections to move electric multiple units also fitted.


The model is fitted with Kadee couplings on the front and the rear, this enables hands free coupling and uncoupling of wagons during the shunting puzzle.


The three link coupling does foul the Kadee coupling when it it fitted, as a result the three link coupling has to be raised.