09 019

Locomotive 09 019 is a class 08 diesel shunter in Mainline blue livery. The manufacturer is Hornby and the catalogue number is R.2801. The real class 09 locomotives were used throughout the south of England and a great feature on the real thing can be viewed at http://www.semgonline.com/

This is the locomotive which is used to move wagons about on the shunting puzzle between the head shunt and the wagon sidings at the front of the layout.


This model is highly detailed with individual hand rails and pipes.


This photograph shows the model fitted with high level multiple working cables and connections to move electric multiple units also fitted.


The model is fitted with Kadee couplings on the front and the rear, this enables hands free coupling and uncoupling of wagons during the shunting puzzle.


The three link coupling does foul the Kadee coupling when it it fitted, as a result the three link coupling has to be raised.


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