73 202 ‘Dave Berry’ Gatwick Express

Hornby manufactured 73 202 ‘Dave Berry’ in the revised 2005 Gatwick Express livery of red, white and grey. The original product code for the model is R3045. The model is no longer in production but is available every now and again on the second hand market. This model is an upgrade on the old Lima chassis, featuring a DCC power socket, NEM coupling sockets and a uprated motor.


In this photo, 73 202 is seen coupled next to 73 212 and you can clearly see the difference in glazing between the two models. On the left, 73 212 is fitted with the Extreme Etchings upgrade, on the right, 73 202 has the manufacturer standard fit.



73 212 ‘Airtour Suisse’ Gatwick Express

Lima manufactured locomotive 73 212 ‘Airtour Suisse’ in the 1996 privatisation revised Gatwick Express livery, featuring the thin burgundy stripe along the side of the locomotive. The original product code for the model is L204847. The model is no longer in production, but still available now and again on the second hand market.


The photos on this page show the locomotive featuring a glazing upgrade using components purchased from Extreme Etchings, details of the modification were covered at https://inglenooksouth.wordpress.com/2015/04/28/window-glazing-upgrade/.


South Terminal Building

The real location in West Sussex has an integrated railway station and airport terminal, called the South Terminal. Part of this structure is positioned over the railway platforms and half of the north end of the building is being replicated on the layout.


Firstly, the roof shape was constructed using plain styrene sheet from Plastruct, with the square sections of roof tiles added, which are manufactured by Evergreen. The roof was then fixed to a Plastruct girder in front of transparent and black styrene sheet to give a window glazing effect. The photograph below shows a mock up of how the terminal roof will look in position.