Class 488/2

The airport diorama wouldn’t be complete without a replica model of the dedicated train service that runs between the airport and the capital city. At the time of writing (December 2015) no manufacturer appears to make models of the Intercity MK2F Gatwick Express carriages, so I purchased the nearest thing I could find, a couple of Intercity Mk2E carriages from Hornby.


I then purchased some rub on Gatwick Express logos manufactured by Replica Railways and began the process of turning these Intercity carriages into Gatwick Express carriages. Firstly, the logo was cut out from the packet and placed roughly where the letters should appear on the carriage sides. Once I was happy with the position, it was fixed into place using tape.



The next stage was to rub over the lettering using a pencil. Extra care was taken to make sure that the whole of the logo area was covered, letters such as the dot on the ‘i’ can be easy to miss.



The next step was to remove the backing strip. To avoid damaging the lettering, the backing strip was lifted in one direction only.



The carriage numbers are of course incorrect for the train, these may be changed in the future. Another alteration maybe the addition of carriage labels on the door windows.



A great article about the Gatwick Express carriages already exists online at


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