Electrostar Project Part 1

Inspired by the scratch built model of 377 207 by model maker James Makin at http://www.wellsgreen-tmd.co.uk/electrostar.html I decided to have a go at making my own class 377 model.

Firstly, I purchased a class 170 diesel multiple unit manufactured by Bachmann to use as a donor model, then I separated the model into its component pieces. The first part of the project was to reduce the length of the carriages as the class 377 is shorter than the class 170, this was achieved by removing a single window panel from each carriage side.

The photo below shows the original carriage length.


The photo below shows the markings to remove the centre window. The class 170 has five windows between the carriage doors, the class 377 has four windows between the carriage doors. The photo also shows some marking towards each end of the carriage to reduce the width even further.


Once the middle window was removed and the window widths reduced at either end of the carriage, the pieces were glued back together. The carriage side now has the same window pattern as a class 377.


After the carriage sides were reduced in size, the next stage of the project was to reduce the roof size, this was achieved by cutting out a portion of the roof then filing and sanding down parts of the air conditioning units.


The reduced carriages sides and roof where glued back together, then the new carriages ends manufactured by James Makin at http://www.wellsgreen-tmd.co.uk/electrostar.html are ready to install next, but first, the remaining parts of the internal support needs to be cut away. It is also a good area to add strengthening strips of styrene sheet to the insides of the carriage at this point.


The carriage end was fixed into place using glue and clamped for support. At this point the areas which had been cut have received filler and then sanded down to try and hide the cut lines.


Finally the new driving cab end was fixed in place with glue and again clamped for support.


Once the cab had been secured onto the carriage body, the next stage was to add a few coats of primer to the model. Its at this stage you can see the areas that need more filling and sanding.


The process of filling, sanding and adding coats of primer is then repeated to hide the areas that have been cut and glued together to form the model.




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