To make a model of signal T254, I purchased a four aspect controlled signal with a position four junction indicator from CR signals, this is a combination of product codes SO14HC and RO04. CR signals very kindly provided me with a printed signal ID plate ready to stick onto the model.


The signal required a position light signal associated with a main aspect and a right away indicator, so I decided to scratch build these components to add to the signal post. I started off building the position light signal associated with a main aspect using a couple of pieces of styrene sheet.


The next stage was to replicate the shape of the position light signal associated with a main aspect by making cuts across the top right and top left corners of the square styrene sheet.


A couple of lenses were cut out using the hollow tube styrene and then making cuts at forty five degrees across the shape.


The lenses were then glued to the signal at forty five degrees.


Once signal was then set aside for one moment to allow the glue to dry.


Work then started on the Right Away indicator by cutting off about 6mm of square tubing.


The rest of the square tubing was then put aside for future projects leaving the box shape.


Next, a forty five degree cut was made across the shape to form the sun glare cover.


A square piece of styrene sheet was cut out and then stuck to the back of the box.


The two signal components were then given different coats of dark grey from the Tamiya range of paints.


With the project drawing to a close, it was time to set out the model signal ready to fit the extra detail.


The detail sheet kindly supplied by CR Signals is actually a giant sticker, so the signal ID plate that I chose was cut out from the rest, ready to apply to the model.


The position light signal associated with a main aspect was then fixed onto the signal post, along with the Right Away indicator, signal ID plate and finally the signal post telephone symbol.




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