Super Detailed Signalling

The signal box on the Inglenook South shunting puzzle had an empty space inside, where the signalling equipment should be.

I decided to add detail to the inside of the signal box using the kit manufactured by Wills, the manufacture reference code is SSAM103.

Due to space restrictions, the Hornby Deal Signal Box R9729 had to be cut in half to fit on the model railway layout and doesn’t feature any interior detail, so I had to start by making a new operating floor and back support, this was 3D printed using Polyactic Acid.


The support was then given a coat of primer and allowed to dry before painting.


The back wall was painted a very light grey and the floor was painted a very dark blue.


Components from the Wills Signal Box Interior pack SSAM103 were then individually painted and added to the base. Not all the components in the Wills Signal Box Interior pack were used as some of the components were only suitable for railways in the older steam period.


A view from across the layout looking into the signal box, the interior can be seen adding a bit of depth to the model.


A view through the window at the storage siding end, looking towards the platforms at Inglenook South station platforms, which is occupied by a Hornby Kent Link Networker in the background.


A view looking between the portable cabin and skip in the depot, over the wall towards the signal box in the background, the tops of the levers can just about be seen.



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