On My Work Bench Becomes On My Work Station

Do you ever look at a model making item or accessory in a shop and think ‘I wouldn’t pay for that myself, but if someone bought it for me as a gift, I’d be pleased to have it’? Well that is what the plastic tray of a Humbrol Work Station is for me and probably many other people too.


Before I was given the Humbrol Work Station as a Christmas present, I just did all my model making on an A5 cutting mat on the kitchen table(!), but now I can separate and store model making items such as brushes, paint and weathering pots from the work surface area.


When I opened the Work Station for the first time, it looked absolutely ideal for tidying up my model making which is great. I soon found however, that the tray appears to have been designed for Humbrol products only. I personally don’t know anyone who only uses only one brand of model making accessories, I think this is a missed opportunity. The Work Station is however brilliant at one thing, quickly clearing the area for other uses, in my case, clearing the kitchen table to prepare for meal times!


Does this plastic tray pass the Tamiya test? No, it fails. I much prefer Tamiya acrylic paint compared to Humbrol, so the Tamiya pots have to be stored to the side for now.



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