466 016


Train 466 016 is a two carriage, class 466 electric multiple unit, featuring Network SouthEast livery of red, white and blue. The train was manufactured by Hornby with catalogue number R.2001A. The real trains are still in use, covering the Kent side London Metro area for South Eastern Trains. A great article about the train type can be found at http://www.semgonline.com/ and features about the class appear every now and again at http://www.southernelectric.org.uk/


This model was first released in 1997 and from memory was a big thing at the time, at last a modern image, ready to run, electric multiple unit! I remember being very pleased that this model was being released back in 1997 and even though these trains were never used on the Sussex routes, I still purchased one, because it was a modern, southern region electric unit and I think many other people probably did for the same reason too.


From the railway modellers I have spoken to, they seem to think that the demand for ready to run, southern region, electric multiple units is small, even Simon Kohler, former manager of Hornby said “Why we produced this particular model still puzzles me today” in his blog at http://www.hornby.com/ but this model cannot have done that bad because according to both http://www.southernelectric.org.uk/ and http://www.semgonline.com/ six different versions of this model have been released over the years.


The third rail shoe is perfectly positioned for use where the Peco conductor rail has been installed.


The two carriage train fits into the platforms at Inglenook South perfectly.


Another photograph showing how well the third rail shoes line up with the Peco conductor rail.


The model is fitted with a type 7 motor, located on one bogie under the windows, which meant the motor couldn’t be seen through the glazing, a big deal in 1997. The model has been known to suffer traction and adhesion problems with the small type 7 motor.


Four different destination displays were available to choose from on the model, being 71 Cannon St via Bexleyheath, 22 Victoria via Bromley South, 72 Charing X via Bexleyheath and finally 87 London Brge via Greenwich.




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