Layout Construction – Train Detection

The Gatport Airwick diorama features three, four aspect signals which will control the exit from the station platforms. These signals are going to be automated using the train detection system by Heathcote Electronics.


The three modules are product code MAS-SEQUENCER-RI-EW which automatically changes the signal aspects over a period of time following the passage of a train over the infra red detection equipment placed between the tracks. The signal changes to red once the infra red equipment detects a train, then after a period of time the signal aspect changes to single yellow, then double yellow, then green.




The back scene runs the entire length of the layout, five feet. You may recognise the backscene from the Peco range, but the pictures of buildings and structures have been cut out and rearranged to make it more unique .


The parts of the back scene in front of the hidden siding are from the ‘Old Industrial Town’ range by Peco, the back scene adjacent to the platforms are from the ‘Market Town’ range, also by Peco.



Layout Construction – Third Rail

The Gatport Airwick diorama is based on the real location of a similar name in West Sussex. The actual location features conductor rail or third rail which is a direct current supply. This is being replicated on the diorama, by using Peco code IL-120 Conductor Rail Chairs and code 60 rail as shown in the picture below.


This picture is a good one to show the difference between track not fitted with conductor rail (yet), for example the far left hand side, with track that has been fitted with conductor rails in the foreground.