Installing A Decoder To A Bachmann Class 419 EMU

A train which fits perfectly on the Inglenook South shunting puzzle is the single carriage Bachmann class 419 electric multiple unit. The chassis is DCC ready and I wanted to install a decoder for digital train operation, this is how I did it.


Firstly, I turned the carriage upside down using the plastic tray as a cradle. Then, using the instruction manual as a guide, I removed the four corner screws under the chassis, an example of one of the screws is circled in red below.


The next part is the most difficult, separating the chassis from the body as the detailed chassis components are so delicate and prone to break if you are not careful. Its at this point I learnt a new card trick, inserting old railway tickets down the side of the carriage body then using gravity to ease the chassis away.


When the carriage body is removed, this is what you will find, a PCB board with a 21 pin ‘blanking plate’ for analogue DC operation.


I used a pair of tweezers to lift the blanking plate away from the PCB board, being careful not to lift at an angle or otherwise the risk is damage to the 21 pins.


Then finally I pushed the 21 pin DCC decoder over the 21 pins and tested the chassis on DCC before reinstating the carriage body on the chassis.


Unit 9004 berthed in Inglenook South Sidings.



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