Installing A Train-Tech Tail Light

Every train needs to be complete with a red tail light on the end, so I purchased a Train-Tech AL1  Flashing Tail Light and found a great wagon to install it on, a Bachmann ZTO 20T Brake Van, catalogue number 37-533. This brake van carries the engineers grey and yellow ‘Dutch’ livery, which compliments the wagons used in the shunting puzzle perfectly.

I thought that this would be an easy five minute job to open up the brake van, it wasn’t! The immense amount of detail on these wagons, now means that items such as the handrails are fixed at the body on one end and at the chassis on the other end. With the roof also being fixed as part of the body structure and not wanting to cut away any handrails, as refitting them is never the same once they’re damaged, the last resort was to cut open the underneath of the wagon chassis using a 12 volt mini drill and mini circular saw bit.


Once the plastic chassis floor was cut away, this revealed the metal weight which was removed and stored in a scrap box.


The next task was to cut away the body floor of the brake van to get inside. I used the body fixing lugs as a cutting guide to avoid cutting through the brake van body and destroying the model.



The next task was to cut two holes through the brake van body for the purpose of installing the tiny red LED on the outside veranda, this was achieved using an Archimedes drill.


The red LED light and the Train-Tech AL1  Flashing Tail Light module was fixed onto the two LED wires inside the brake van and then the outside of the LED was painted white to give the tail lamp a more realistic appearance.






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