Installing A Train-Tech Spark Arcing Light

I wanted to add detail to my Hornby class 466 Networker EMU and opted for a lighting effect. For the lighting, I decided on a arcing style and chose the Train-Tech AL23 module to install.

In real life, the visible third rail arc, appears between the top of the conductor rail and the third rail pickup shoe. This is very difficult to replicate in real life as some people choose to install a flashing effect on the layout and some people choose to install the flashing effect on the train, I went for the latter in this case.

Looking at the bogies of the Hornby Networker, it would prove very difficult to install the LED close to the third rail shoe because it would otherwise foul the Peco conductor rail, any higher and in view it would look too unrealistic, so I tried to find a middle ground by installing the LED in a position that would give the effect that the arcing is taking place on the opposite side of view by fitting the LED as near to the middle line of the bogie as possible.

Firstly, using an Archimedes drill, I drilled two holes in the plastic seating module close to the door vestibule.


The two holes in the plastic seating module are to accommodate the wires from the LED under the chassis to the arcing module in the carriage body.


Then I fixed the LED underneath the seating module and plugged the AL23 arcing effect unit on top of the seating module.


When the Networker train is in motion, the arcing effect module and LED now give the impression of conductor rail arcing whilst not fouling the third rail and collector shoes.