Layout Construction – Backscene

The backsene for the layout consists mainly of the walkway between the airport railway station and the south terminal transit building. I started off with an embossed brick styrene sheet and cut it to size.


Then, using Tamiya flat brown XF-10 paint and a cotton bud, began to weather the brick effect to make it look used and open to the elements.


I then cut out the top of the walkway using tile sheets from the Evergreen range, giving it a coat of grey primer before spraying it with blue mica from the Tamiya range.


The finished tiles with a couple of coats of blue mica are ready for installation onto the diorama.


For the walkway, strips of styrene sheet are used with cuts at 20mm intervals to represent the modular construction of the walkway.


The brick and tile pattern sheets are stuck to the back of the diorama using Evo-Stick glue.


Finally, the weathered walkway is added, to give the impression of depth on the background.



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