Hornby Networker DCC Conversion

The Hornby Networker was never available DCC ready or DCC fitted, so it has to be converted for DCC use and hard wired, this is how I did it. Always refer to manufacturer instructions with regards to electronics etc.

Firstly, the carriage bodies are removed from the chassis using the screw hidden behind the corridor connection at the ends of the carriages.


This is how the Networker looks with the body removed. As you can see, the power supply from the track appears to be fed through capacitors and suppressors. When converting to DCC, some people say that the suppressors should remain installed, others say they should be removed, in my case, I opted to remove them.


This is how the wiring looks once the capacitors are removed.


Next it was time to hard wire the DCC decoder to the train, orange and grey wires to and from the motor, black and red wires to and from the track pick up wires. I installed heat shrink before soldering the joins, to ensure the connections remain covered, insulated and protected from other wires and the metal chassis.


The unpowered carriage also has electrical pick ups for the head and tail lights, these wires were disconnected from the bogie to avoid damage as they are not designed for use on 16v AC. Connecting the Hornby Networker lights to a DCC decoder appears to be a bit of a challenge, as nearly all decoder accessory supplies are common positive, but the LED light configuration on the Hornby Networker appears to be common negative.







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