Weathering Locomotive 09019

The wagons that are used in the shunting puzzle are factory weathered, the shunting locomotive 09019 had no weathering detail. Using the Humbrol weathering guide on YouTube, I used the weathering powders, thinners and matt cote to add some weathering detail on locomotive 09019.

Humbrol Iron Oxide, Black and Sand weathering powders are put together in an old plastic carton to mix.


The weathering powders are ground and mixed to make a rusty colour.


Firstly, the locomotive body was given a light spray coat of acrylic varnish. The glazing was covered over using Tamiya masking tape.


Secondly,  whilst the varnish was drying, I then added brush strokes of weathering powders, mixed with thinners and matt cote varnish to bring about runny rust effects. Finally, the locomotive body was given a final coat of acrylic varnish to seal in the weathering detail.






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