Inspiration and Links

A UK based non-profit making organisation for enthusiasts, historians, modellers and preservationists of the largest third rail electric railway system in the world

For discussion by email over the internet between Railway Enthusiasts, Historians and Modellers interested in the Southern Railway of the United Kingdom (including those railway companies that were merged together to form it and those that succeeded it).

Network SouthEast may be gone but it is certainly not forgotten and it is our driven aim to ensure it stays that way!

Wells Green TMD is a diesel and electric depot set in Crewe, Cheshire between 2002-2006, featuring a range of highly detailed 25kV AC electric locomotives in an authentic grimy, gritty atmosphere. The depot mainly undertakes routine maintenance to electric locomotives, but also contains a diesel fuelling point enabling many different varieties of locomotive to appear.

A great detailed website on the Inglenook shunting puzzle, from design to construction and operation. This website inspired Inglenook South! The website author describes the website ‘to illustrate and explain how different model railway shunting puzzles work and how best to build and operate them – no matter if you are a complete newcomer or a seasoned railway modeller’.

Another website for a model railway based on the Inglenook design. The website also provides information about the important elements of the design stage and the rules that apply.

Another layout based on the Inglenook plan which recently (September 2013) appeared in Hornby magazine, the layout is DCC controlled and also features sound too.

A large model railway exhibition layout based on Kensington Olympia in the 1990s and 2000s.


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