Power, Track and Control

The layout is powered by a Hornby Select DCC controller. This controller is best described as a low budget, entry item in the range of digital command controllers, yet it is perfectly ideal for a small layout like Inglenook South, anything more would be too advanced and too expensive for a small layout.

The Hornby Select provides the 16v AC digital command control output to the track as well as both 16v AC and 12v DC accessory outputs for the point motors, colour light signals, internal building lights and buffer stop lights on the layout.


A Peco switch console is used for operating the point motors and the signals on the layout. The switch console is positioned in the hidden siding at the back of the layout, just beside the signal box.


Track on the layout is all from the Peco code 100 streamline range with electro-frog points. Scenic items such as dummy point motors are positioned on the surface adjacent to the points. The two platform lines are fitted with third rail, using the tiny conductor rail pots and supports all from the Peco range.


The locomotive used for the shunting puzzle is 09019 in Mainline blue Livery from the Hornby range. The wagons used for the shunting puzzle are a mixture of ‘Rudd’ and ‘Clam’ wagons in engineering yellow and grey livery, also from the Hornby range. These are fitted with Kadee couplings to allow hands free coupling and uncoupling.


Each of the sidings are fitted with Kadee magnets to allow wagons to be uncoupled when they are positioned over them. The magnets have been given a very light coating of paint to give them a rusted look to help blend in the scene.

picture131 picture132


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